How to Release and Heal Your Fear and Create the Life You Love with Ease?

Published: 02nd August 2009
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Fear is the single biggest blockage keeps us from having exactly what our heart and soul desire deeply.

Fear disconnects us from our authentic being of who we really are, the wisdom within the core of our being, the vibration of our soul and higher self that attracts all we need, desire to our life with ease.

Fear sends out vibration signals to the universe to repel the very thing that we want so deeply for ourselves.

Release fear is necessary step to manifest your life's purpose and live your authentic self-expression, have true love and joy, and contribute to the world as your soul intended for you in this lifetime.

The good news is...

Fear is only an illusion of the mind.

Fear is only the cellular imprints of past memories and experiences.

Fear is only a feeling that appears to be so real to our physical senses.

Fear is only as a lesson in life, life lesson, a way to learn acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, and unconditional love towards all situations, things, people, and ourselves; and to awakening to the truth of who you really are, the authentic, infinite, perfect, abundant, and divine being of pure love and light that is within you right now, right here.

With this understanding then to heal your fear can be a nature process of acceptance, forgiveness, releasing, purifying the cellular imprints in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energetic body, instead of allowing the fear to control our thoughts, feelings, choices, actions, and your life experiences from sense of peace, joy and fulfillment from moment to moment of your reality.

Here are few simple yet effective steps you can apply immediately to heal or release your fear: (There are deeper work you might need depends each unique situation.)

1. Accept it! Accept the fact that you do have the fear and it is affects your life right now and that you are aware of it. This is a critical step because without acknowledge your fear, you are simple not ready to release or let go off your fear, and you can't. Watch your ego's thoughts, it is hard for the ego to accept that, "I have fear."

2. Experience it! Feel the feeling of your fear. Allow all the feeling of your fear to rise to your awareness. This step is also critical for without the awareness of the feeling of fear, you simple can't let go of your fear. This is a difficult step for people because human nature of dealing fear is to shuffle down and without feel it.

3. Release it! Now it is the time to release and let go and heal your fear. There are many different ways of release your fear, and no right or wrong way of doing it. But, by mentally or with your intention to let go of your fear, it will work for you. This is the easiest step among all.

I know from my own personal journey to awakening to this truth of who I really am, connection to my soul and my higher self, is to heal and release all aspects of fear that keeps me from going deeper within and then reach out to the world, to claim my divinity for who I really are.

Greater desire you have within will give you greater challenges to face and fears to release and also give you the opportunity to reach greater level of spiritual awakening and transform your reality.

Welcome, accept and love all your fear is the only pathway to ultimate freedom, liberation and enlightenment. As you release your fear and heal within, our presence heals others, humanity and earth plane.

I hope this is helpful to you and love to hear your comments, experiences, and meeting you one day in person.

Author, speaker, vibration healer, and inner transformation mentor, Ping Li, was born and raised in China. Her personal awakening experience have put her in this path of her soul's purpose, joy and bliss for using her unique gifts to assist and serve the humanity and others to live their authentic self expression and experience true love, joy, fulfillment, abundance, perfection and miracles in their life. Ping Li invites you to a complimentary chapter of her newest book, Awakening: Filling Your Soul's Purpose on Earth

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